September 1933

-Establishment of Yamada Kimono Sewing Station

December 1937

Promoted to Yamada Women's Youth School, later changed to Yamada Girls School of Home Economics

April 1948

Reorganized into a Nagoya Dressmaking school

April 1950

Started Yamada Junior College of Home Economics

March 1962

Home Economics Department's capacity increase was approved

April 1972

Home Economics Department divided into food major and clothing major

November 1975

Completion of constructing Building B

February 1982

Completion of constructing Building A

April 1987

Changed the name into "Nagoya Women's Culture College"

November 1992

Completion of constructing Building C

September 1997

60th anniversary of Yamada school organization

April 1999

ost-graduate school, "Graces Finishing Academy" was added

April 2004

Changed the name of the college into "Nagoya Future Culture College," by introducing co-education system

March 2008

Fully accredited as a result of a third party evaluation by the "Junior College Standards Association"

April 2010

60th anniversary of Nagoya Future Culture College

March 2015

Fully approved as "qualified" in third party evaluation by "Junior College Standards Association" ·