NFCC College Outline

Our credo at NFCC: "Live your future with style" aims to provide the ultimate platform to reach your full potential. Cultivating an environment which fosters a desire for knowledge, while promoting the importance of life-long learning, NFCC strives to shape positive attitudes necessary for launching our graduate's careers.

There are thirteen different concentrations of study offered at NFCC. From Hair & Make- up Artistry to Theme-Park Dance, these highly concentrated majors will allow you to maximize your potential in your chosen field. We continue to develop and refine a curriculum that can provide high expertise and skills, enabling our students to earn a quality liberal arts education in addition to nurturing specialists in each specific major.

From day one, it is our mission at NFCC to help guide our students on an educational journey which begins with the fundamentals of each craft, progressing over time in order to discover their own unique style and expertise. Under the guidance and training of licensed instructors and professionals, students will learn in an authentic and inspiring environment, acquiring a raised-level of aesthetic consciousness increasingly in demand in the professional workplace.

In addition, we embody a "beautiful life culture" aiming for enthusiastic participation in campus life. Realizing the importance of creating an environment that all students can appreciate, we strive to provide a perfect educational and social setting, to allow for positive experiences in and outside of the classroom.

Spirit of Establishing NFCC

Nagoya Culture Junior College was established by Yamada Kazuo Sewing Station in 1933 by Shinpei Yamada and Hisako Kusaki. The founders looked to establish a school which could provide a comprehensive education specifically for girls, in order to obtain skills in Japanese cultural areas, along with international cultural awareness. In 2004 the college expanded to a co-educational format, while changing the school name to Nagoya Future Culture College (NFCC). Guided by the core tenets of international cultural sensitivity, pursuing peace, and emphasized by the spirit of freedom and independence under gender equality, we will strive to develop students who appreciate individual respect, development of character, justice and truth. According to Mr. Yamada, the significance of cultivating educated graduates whose quality, skills and expertise cannot be understated is an invaluable asset for their future.

Educational philosophy

-Our educational philosophy is "Independence is born from a free spirit, Internationally-minded, free-spirited youth" -To acquire the ability to challenge new possibilities in the global workplace, implement resources and required training necessary in the age of information and technology, and to provide guidance which aims to groom vital personal characteristics, including individuality, diligence and sensitivity to humanity. - A new way of thinking is born from an international perspective; with this in mind we can provide quality training which combines expertise, technology and general education in order to give you the best possible chance in realizing your dreams and ambitions.

Diploma policy

Nagoya Future Culture College's Department of Lifestyle and Culture offers courses which aim for the attainment of an Associates of Arts (AA) degree in Life Culture, with special emphasis given to each respective major. Specifically, students must complete the required credits from each curriculum, and possess the following qualities and abilities: 1. Humanity, creativity, cultural sensitivity, ethics, and communication skills suitable for living in a modern society. 2. Practical expertise, diligence, and social ability required in various areas of life culture, fashion business, nutrition, etc. 3. Flexible comprehension ability, basic knowledge and English as a Foreign Language ability that can correspond to the international community.

Curriculum policy

Nagoya Future Culture College's Department of Lifestyle and Culture has established a curriculum based on the following policies, in order to train professionals with expertise based on its educational philosophy. 1. Liberal arts courses are set up as a 'university-wide' curriculum for all students to enroll, in order to apply basic learning practices for acquiring knowledge fundamental to personal growth and development. The main pillars of the subject are "Human Formation Course Group" to acquire Independence and Creativity, "International Understanding Course Group" and "English Course Group" to enhance International Understanding Ability, and Basic Required by Society "Career Formation Course Group" for acquiring knowledge. 2. Major courses are put in order to raise the skills, expertise, creative sensibility required in contemporary society. In order to acquire even more sophisticated professional skills, there are specialized courses specified in each course. In order to acquire skills that can be used in practice, we have set up many practical courses consisting of a select number of students, under the guidance and supervision of our professional instructors. 3. You will be able to cultivate a broad perspective by taking courses of broad interest and crossing your course or major. 4. We have created many opportunities to present learning outcomes to apply the acquired knowledge and skills and to enhance the ability to carry out tasks.

Admission policy

Basic policy of accepting admission aims to nurture students who wish to develop knowledge, skills and application within their chosen course of study. Cultivating talent within each field, alongside a comprehensive education in general studies, while developing mature and confident graduates who possess the knowledge and sensibility to become valued members of society. In order to realize our educational philosophy, we are seeking those with the following qualities. 1. Those who have a clear idea of their future, are hopeful, optimistic, and wish to pursue their dreams for the future 2. Students with inquiring minds, looking to fill their curiosity on the pathway to becoming a skilled and knowledgeable professional, and make a positive contribution to society. 3. Students with an appreciation for learning and culture, and the motivation to apply their communication skills within a stimulating classroom and campus environment. 4. A person who has curiosity in everything and has the ability to think with sensitivity and flexibility. 5. Students who possess the energy and willingness to actively participate in various activities Before enrollment, we encourage our students to do the following: 1. Increase individual reading comprehension skills, and acquire the ability to express their own thoughts collectively. 2. Learn and build vocabulary and grammar skills in order to possess basic English conversation skills.. 3. Perform follow-up studies in what you are interested in during your daily learning schedule, and acquire the habit of summarizing in notes.